Gunnison County - Energy Smart Colorado Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Energy Smart Colorado is the first rural multi-jurisdictional consortium in the U.S. to implement a comprehensive residential energy efficiency program.

Residents of Roaring Fork Valley and Eagle, Gunnison, Lake, and Summit Counties are eligible for energy efficiency and renewable energy assistance, rebates, and financing through the Energy Smart Colorado program. The program helps homeowners identify, finance, and complete energy improvements in their homes.

Each participating county operates an Energy Resource Center (ERC), providing homeowners and contractors with a local, reliable one-stop-shop for information and service. Each ERC is staffed with a Building Performance Institute certified Home Energy Advisor who provides expert advice, coaching, and assistance with enrollments, home energy assessments, and improvement projects.

Energy Smart in Gunnison County

The Energy Smart program serves Gunnison County through the Office for Resource Efficiency (ORE), a non-profit organization founded in 2003. ORE brings resource efficiency to the area through partnerships, programs, and outreach. The Energy Resource Center, staffed with an energy expert and stocked with a library, energy kiosk, and demonstration materials, is available to anyone in its service area.

Home Energy Assessment

Interested homeowners can schedule a reduced-cost home energy assessment with a qualified Energy Smart Analyst who will come to the home and perform a comprehensive home safety and energy assessment. There are a variety of free improvements the Energy Smart Analyst may install at the time of the assessment including a programmable thermostat, efficient lighting, hot and cold water pipe insulation, a hot water tank insulation blanket, and door weather-stripping.

Business Consultation

ORE can help businesses in Gunnison County realize energy goals. Through one-on-one consultation, ORE staff will help a business outline goals and priorities. With ORE’s help, a customized action plan can then be created. ORE is also available to provide implementation assistance—including finding quality, local contractors and helping apply for rebates, tax credits, and financing—and employee training. 


In addition to the Home Energy Assessment, the homeowner may also be eligible to receive an Energy Smart rebate. Energy Smart provides direct rebates for energy improvement projects and also maintains up-to-date information on other financial incentives from utilities, state and local governments, and federal tax credits. For information on rebates for renewable energy, click here.

Commercial rebates are also available through ORE partners. 


For information on the Loan Program, click here