SMUD - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Sacramento Municipal Utility District offers low-interest loans to help commercial customers finance energy efficient equipment in eligible facilities. Generally, loans are extended to vested owners of a property. The applicable interest rate is currently at 6.99%; however this may be subject to change. Customers have up to ten years to repay the loan. Call 916-732-5472 to verify interest rate offer. A loan application fee of $100 will be charged for all applications. SMUD will return this fee if they decline the application. SMUD will prepare loan documents for signature immediately upon approval of the financing. Upon SMUD’s approval, the loan commitment is valid for 180 days. Within this 180-day period, the product(s) must be installed and SMUD notified of the installation’s completion.

More information regarding loan application process, loan payment options, or fees can be found on the program web site listed above. Grow Sacramento Fund loans are also available to SMUD customers.  While these loans are not focused on renewable energy or energy efficiency, the funds can certainly be utilized to finance energy saving measures for small businesses.