School Facility Program - Modernization Grants

The School Facility Program (SFP) provides funding assistance to school districts for the modernization of school facilities. The assistance is in the form of grants approved by the State Allocation Board (SAB), and requires a 40 percent local contribution. A district is eligible for grants when students are housed in permanent buildings 25 years old or older and relocatable classrooms 20 years old or older and the buildings have not been previously modernized with State funds. 

The modernization grant (pupil grant) amount is set in law and is based on the number of students housed in the over-age facilities. In addition to the basic grant amount, a district may be eligible for supplemental grants depending on the type and location of the project. In some cases, districts unable to contribute some or all of the local match may be eligible for financial hardship.

The modernization grant can be used to fund a large variety of work at an eligible school site including but not limited to air conditioning, insulation, roof replacement, as well as the purchase of new furniture and equipment.

Full details and program documents are available on the website above.