Alameda Municipal Power - Commercial New Construction Rebate Program

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) offers the following grant and rebate programs to AMP customers. Projects will only be funded if AMP receives and approves the application and performs a pre-installation inspection before work begins. A post-installation inspection must also be completed by AMP before the customer receives reimbursement.

Design Assistance Grants
Grants are available for design assistance which includes analysis, building modeling, and research.

Whole Building Approach
Rebates are available for proposed buildings that exceed Title 24 by at least 10%. The analysis can be conducted by an energy consultant or the design team itself. Analysis must be completed using a comprehensive energy simulation tool that can model Title 24 requirements.

Building Systems Approach
Rebates are available for individual systems within a building, including HVAC and lighting.

Visit the program website or contact the utility for additional program information.