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Generate Your Own Power

Lee Vining Solar Battery Backup Installations

Whether you have solar panels already installed on your home or they’re just planned additions, sometimes more energy will be produced than used by the individual household.

With a home solar battery backup system in Lee Vining, excess power is saved for when it’s needed later, whether during electricity outages or longer periods when there is less natural light hours to generate solar energy from.

Not only can you live on clean, sustainable energy around the clock with a solar battery storage system installed by Saving On Solar’s Lee Vining CA provider, but you’ll also be save money and have security from blackouts and grid failures.

Invest in energy security and live sustainably with a solar battery backup system today!

Lee Vining Home Energy Storage Works For You

Why Install Solar Battery Backup in Lee Vining?

There are the three main reasons:

Solar Battery

Store Your Solar Power

Solar is a great energy source because it can be used all day, every day. But what about at night or when there are less natural light hours? With Lee Vining CA solar battery storage, you don't have to worry about running out of power.

Solar Grid

Insurance Against Grid Failure

When the power goes out, it's dangerous and inconvenient to have grid-tied solar arrays shut down. But with solar battery backup installed, your Lee Vining solar power system can be grid-independent and keep essentials running during outages.

Solar Powered Home

Invest in Security

No need to worry about your lights or internet going out, even in times of crisis! With solar panels + battery storage in Lee Vining, you can be virtually autonomous from the utility and live self-sustainably no matter what is happening in the world.

Lee Vining Solar Battery Basics

How Solar Storage Works

During the day, your Lee Vining solar panels create clean renewable power for you to use, which also charges your battery. At night — or whenever you program it — your home will draw electricity from its backup battery bank, which can power all of your essential items with clean renewable energy. 

With modest home energy consumption, it’s also possible to be completely grid autonomous!

Lee Vining Solar Battery Backup + Storage Systems
Enphase Solar Battery Installers In Lee Vining

Lee Vining Solar Battery Cost

What are the Costs?

The price of a solar battery storage system is flexible and based on your needs. The cost can vary depending on which appliances you want to run and how many hours you want to operate them for. The cost of an average Lee Vining home’s battery backup system + solar panels can result in a lower monthly payment than your current electricity bill – that’s made possible with $0 down solar and incentives that you’ll likely qualify for!

Our Lee Vining solar provider offers no down payment and low interest financing! 


Conserve Your Lee Vining Solar Power When It Counts

Featuring Load Control

With Enphase’s Load Control capability, you can use a set of four auxiliary contacts to conserve battery life by automatically disconnecting nonessential loads. This allows you to have full control of your solar energy allocation during Lee Vining power outages!

Solar Battery Installers In Lee Vining

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Lee Vining Solar + Battery Storage Company

If you’ve landed here it means you’re already considering the benefits that solar + battery backup could offer your home. With tax credits available as well as lowered utility bills, now is the time to go green and get the solar panels and storage system installed that you’ve been thinking about.

Aside from just benefiting the environment, you will increase the resale value of your home by an average of 4.1%, reduce or eliminate your electric bill and Lee Vining CA homeowners qualify for a 26% credit in through 2022.

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