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Residential Solar

Saving On Solar is a one-stop shop for all your solar panel installation needs. Our network of experienced solar consultants are committed to helping you save money with every single project we do together. Saving On Solar connects homeowners with leading solar installers across the United States. Our team of experts will help you find ways to save money using solar energy, including federal tax credits and rebates from your state or local government, or utility. There’s no better way than Saving On Solar!

Experience Matters

Commercial Solar

At Saving On Solar, we prioritize a robust engineering philosophy that excels in addressing intricate challenges, ensuring top-notch design performance for your commercial solar installations. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering certified energy advice and providing detailed written recommendations during your comprehensive energy review. This way, you can make informed and cost-effective decisions for your commercial solar project.

Florida Solar Panel Installers

Now is the Time to Invest in Solar

Why Go Solar?

Federal Solar Tax Credit

26% Federal Tax Credit

Homeowners in the United States qualify for a federal tax credit for solar installations. The credit has recently been extended for all installs through 2022!

Net Metering

Reduce Electric Bill

Stop utility rate inflation by owning your energy source. Most states and utilities offer net metering, so you can stack energy credits during peak sunlight hours!

Increase Home Value With Solar Panels

Raise Property Value

According to Zillow, homes with solar power installations sell for a 4.1% premium. Solar increases your property value WITHOUT increasing your property taxes.

$0 Down Solar Financing

$0 Down Financing

If you prefer to finance your solar project, we will help you work through all of the available options that you qualify for. No down payment necessary!

Solar's Environmental Impact

If all of the qualifying homes and businesses across the United States went solar, the environmental impact would be hard to fathom. Here are the numbers according to Google’s Project Sunroof data:

1 M
Metric Tons of CO2
1 B
Seedlings grown for 10 years
1 M
PASSENGER CARS taken off the road for 1 year

Source: Google Project Sunroof data explorer (June 2021).

The Simple Way To Go Solar

Solar Savings Report

We’ll help you figure out how much your new solar panels will cost, calculate monthly savings you can expect, and answer any questions.

Customized Solar Design

Our consultants will submit a personalized design that will show you where your panels will be mounted on your roof or ground mount.

Permitting & Inspections

Our partner companies will take care of all the permitting and inspections neccessary for your solar installation.

Project Management & Installation

You might be wondering who handles the installation of your solar panels, inverter, and battery. Experienced installers will handle it all!

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